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Underwater Party 2014
Logo underwater.png
Started November 19th, 2014
Ended November 28th, 2014
NPCs Nerida

The Underwater Party is a party that began on November 19th, 2014 and went on until November 28th, 2014. Surprisingly, no mascots visited during this party, but there was an NPC called Nerida.


  • Items in Bold were hidden, and didn't have a 'FREE' sign beside them.
  • All of the item names below, other than Diving Flippers, are unconfirmed meaning they are more than likely inaccurate.
Picture Name Type Found Price
Swimming Flippers.png
Diving Flippers Feet Item Town Free
Fish Costume.png
Fish Costume Body Item Welcome Room Free
Mermaid Fin.png
Mermaid Fin Pants Item Cafe Free
Diver's Helmet.png
Diver's Helmet Head Item Beach Free
Pirate Ship Costume.png
Pirate Ship Costume Body Item Sunken Ship Free
Nerida's Crown.png
Nerida's Crown Head Item Pearl Scavenger Hunt Free
Atlantis BG.png
Atlantis BG Background Pearl Scavenger Hunt Free
Seaweed Necklace.png
Seaweed Necklace Neck Item Pearl Scavenger Hunt Free
Diving Suit.png
Diving Suit Body Item Pearl Scavenger Hunt Free
Pearl Costume.png
Pearl Costume Body Item Pearl Scavenger Hunt Free
Trident Hand Item Pearl Scavenger Hunt Free



Pearl Scavenger Hunt[]