Summer Party 2014
Summer Party Logo
Started August 30th 2014
Ended September 10th 2014
Mascots Chester
Currency Fruit

The Summer Party was a party that began on August 30th, 2014 and ended on September 10th, 2014. You had to gather Fruit to obtained items.


Items in Bold were hidden, and didn't have a 'FREE' sign beside them.

Picture Name Type Found Price
Water Slide Hat
Water Slide Hat Head Item Welcome Room Free
Swimming Goggles
Swimming Goggles Face Item The Town Free
Pool Ball
Pool Ball Hand Item The Town Free
Ancient Tiki Mask
Ancient Tiki Mask Face Item The Town Free
Brookelas Anniversary Hat
Brookelas Anniversary Hat Head Item Cafe Free
Blue Starfish Costume
Blue Starfish Costume Body Item Cafe Free
Sandals brown
Sandals Feet Item The Shop Free
Dolphin Head
Dolphin Head Head Item A High Place Free
Explorer Cap Head Item The Beach Free
Rainbow Surfboard
Rainbow Surfboard Hand Item The Shop Free
Watermelon Costume
Watermelon Costume Body Item Airport Entrance Free
Dolphin Costume
Dolphin Costume Body Item Dance Club (Outside) Free
Floats Hand Item Dance Club (Inside) Free
Swimming Flippers black
Flippers Feet Item Dance Club (Inside) Free
Camping Bag
Camping Bag Back Item Pet Shop (Outside) Free
Marshmallow Hand Item Pet Shop (Outside) Free
White Sunglasses
White Sunglasses Face Item Pet Shop (Inside) Free
JJ Band's Summer BG
JJ Band's Summer BG Background Meeting the Jack's Journey Band Free




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