Prehistoric Party
Started 8th April 2014
Ended 26th April 2014
Mascots Jack
Currency Bones

The Prehistoric Party is a party that started in April 2014. It was confirmed by Dorian more than 6 months before it was released. The whole island was full of dinosaurs and prehistoric themed.

Free ItemsEdit

Items in Bold were hidden at the room.

Picture Name Type Found Price
Stone Slippers Feet Item The Town Free
Stone Construction Hat Head Item Welcome Room Free
Stegosaurus Helmet Head Item The Shop Free
Tribal Face Paint Face Item The Shop Free
Stegosaurus Costume Body Item Cafe Free
Raptor Costume Body Item Airport Entrance Free
Raptor Helmet Head Item Dance Club (Outside) Free
Prehistoric Tiki Mask Face Item Dance Club (Inside) Free
Leaves Headdress
Tribal Headband Head Item Pet Shop (Outside) Free
Black Beard
Black Beard Neck Item Pet Shop (Inside) Free
Stone Surfboard
Stone Surfboard Hand Item Beach Free
Prehistoric Flora Hat
Prehistoric Flora Hat Head Item The Lake Free
Lightup Construction Hat
Cave Helmet Head Item The Cave Free
Black Unibrow
Black Unibrow Face Item Cave Expedition 1 Free
Brown Fuzzy T-Shirt
Brown Fuzzy T-Shirt Body Item Brown Fuzzy Cave (Outside) Free
Stone Lei
Stone Lei Neck Item Down the Waterfall Free
Volcano Costume
Volcano Costume Body Item Bones Shop 50 bones
Bones T-Shirt
Bone T-Shirt Body Item Bones Shop 35 bones
Spotted Pattern T-Shirt
Spotted Pattern Hoodie Body Item Bones Shop 35 bones
Striped Pants
Spotted Pattern Pants Pants Item Bones Shop 30 bones
Red Claws
Red Dino Claws Feet Item Bones Shop 20 bones
Spiky Ugg Club
Spiky Ugg Club Hand Item Bones Shop 20 bones
Volcano Hat
Volcano Hat Head Item Bones Shop 10 bones
Apatasaurus Plushie
Apatosaurus Plushie Hand Item Bones Shop 5 bones
Plant Hoodie
Plant Hoodie Body Item Finishing the Volcano Quest Free
Jack's Adventure Hat
Jack's Adventure Hat Head Item Finishing the Volcano Quest Free
Jack's Prehistoric BG
Jack's Prehistoric BG Background Meeting Jack Free


  • It will be in the same month as the Celebration of Spring.
  • Every 2 minutes a bone appeared in each room that was decorated with the Prehistoric Party, the bones could be used to buy items in the bones shop.
  • The Shop was called The Ooga! during this party.
  • The Dance Club was the The Tiki Club during this party.
  • Users had a Red Name with an Orange Glow during this party.
  • You couldn't enter into the Airport and A High Place during the party.





Volcano QuestEdit

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