Jack's Journey Wiki

Here is the list of parties that occurred in Jack's Journey.

Party/Event Name Logo Start Date End Date Free Items Mascots Locations and the Special/Added Party Rooms
Beta Party Beta Party logo.png January 17th 2013 January 21st 2013 Beta Shirt
Beta Hat
Beta Balloon
Beta Slippers
Beta Pants
Jack None
Dance Grand Opening N/A January 28th 2013 January ? 2013 None None None
Kung Hei Fat Choy KHFCLOGOT.jpg February 10th 2013 February 16th 2013 Ancient Robe
Ancient Headband
Ancient Snake Staff
Shop Keeper None
Jungle Party 2013 N/A February 23rd 2013 March 2nd 2013 Hard Hat
Magnifying Glass
Toucan Shirt
Monkey Shirt
Jaguar Shirt
Hawaiian Lei
Grass Skirt
Jack Launch Pad
Landing Post
Temple Outside
A High Place
St. Patrick's Day Party 2013 N/A March 14th 2013 March 24th 2013 Hard Hat
Shamrock Hat
Rainbow Staff
Rainbow Shirt
Unknown Road To The Rainbow
End Of Rainbow
Pet Shop Grand Opening Pet Shop GO.png April 6th 2013 April 20th 2013 Fuzzy Helper Shirt
Fuzzy Helper Hard Hat

Pet Shop (Inside)
Pet Shop (Outside)

Flight Party 2013 Flight Party.png May 4th 2013 May 11th 2013 Orange Propeller Cap
Cloudy Headphones
Dark Wings
Pilot Shades
Snow Leopard T-Shirt
Colorful Pattern T-Shirt
Ice Monster Mask
White Fuzzy T-Shirt
Jack's Flight Party BG
Mountain Base BG
Jack Airport Entrance
Airport Departures
Departures Gates
Mountain Base
Mountain Challenge 1
Mountain Challenge 2
Mountain Challenge 3
Mountain Top
Gifting Beta Test Party Beta Test 2nd Logo.png March 11th 2013 March 18th 2013 Beta Hat 2
Beta Shirt 2
Beta Balloon 2
Beta Slippers 2
Beta Pants 2
Shop Keeper
Pies Takeover 2013 N/A May 25th 2013 May 30th 2013 None Dr. Blueberry Pie None
Music Festival 2013 MFL.png July 9th 2013 July 21th 2013 Blue Boombox
Music Festival Snapback
Pink Headphones
Neon Headphones
Music Notes Surfboard
Music Festival Fuzzy Shirt
Dance Floor Shirt
Dance Floor Pants
Equipment BG Gold Headphones
The Band BG
Dance Club (Inside)
Dance Club (Outside)
Ninja Party 2013 NinjaPartyLogo.png October 11th 2013 October 26th 2013 Ancient Headband
Red Lantern
Elemental Umbrella
Water Element Fan
Cup Of Tea
Ancient Coat
Yin Yang Necklace
Panda Mask
Sensei BG
Sensei The Dojo
Halloween Party 2013 Logo halloween.png November 3rd 2013 November 7th 2013 Cat Ears
Pumpkin Top
Slime Costume
Pumpkin Costume
Wizards Overall
Fall Sweater
Skeleton Mask
Pumpkin Basket
Wizards Hat
Fall Beanie
Fall Scarf
Dr. Blueberry Pie Wizard Tower (Inside)
Wizard Tower (Outside)
Winter Festival 2014 N/A January 4th 2014 January 10th 2014 Santa Beard
Christmas Tree Costume
Elf Shirt
Elf Hat
Elf Shoes
Toys Bag
Red Socks
Santa Shirt
Peppermint Toque
Red Ski Goggles
Blue Beanie
Red and Green Beanie
Red Parka
Green Candy Cane
Frozen Candy Cane
Snowman Costume
Gingerbread Costume
Blue Santa Hat
Gingerbread Mask
Snowman Mask
Frozen Shirt
Peppermint Pants
Frozen Scarf
None None
1st Anniversary Party N/A 27th January 2014 1st February 2014 One Year Pants
One Year Shirt
One Year Slippers
One Year Balloon
One Year Cake Hat
One Year Hat
Jack None
Earth Hour 2014 N/A 30th March 2014 3rd April 2014 Light Bulbs Hat
Earth Hour Shirt
None None
Prehistoric Party 2014 PrehistoricPartyLogo.png April 8th 2014 April 27th 2014 Stone Slippers
Stone Construction Hat
Stegosaurus Helmet
Tribal Face Paint
Stegosaurus Costume
Raptor Costume
Raptor Helmet
Prehistoric Tiki Mask
Tribal Headband
Black Beard
Stone Surfboard
Prehistoric Flora Hat
Black Unibrow
Brown Fuzzy T-Shirt
Cave Helmet
Stone Lei
Volcano Hat
Volcano Costume
Bone T-Shirt
Red Dino Claws
Apatosaurus Plushie
Spiky Ugg Club
Spotted Pattern Hoodie
Spotted Pattern Pants
Jack Volcano Quest 1
Volcano Quest 2
Volcano Quest 3
Volcano Quest 4
Volcano Top
The Lake
Cave Expedition 1
Cave Expedition 2
Waterfall (Up)
Down the Waterfall
Brown Fuzzy Cave Entrance
Brown Fuzzy Cave (Outside)
Brown Fuzzy Cave (Inside)
Independance Day & Canada Day Celebration 2014 N/A 1st July 2014 5th July 2014 USA Flag Shirt
Canada Flag Shirt
None None
Summer Party Summer Party Logo.png Unknown Unknown Water Slide Hat
Swimming Goggles
Pool Ball
Ancient Tiki Mask
Brookelas Anniversary Hat
Blue Starfish Costume
Dolphin Head
Explorer Cap
Rainbow Surfboard
Watermelon Costume
Dolphin Costume
Camping Bag
White Sunglasses
JJ Band's Summer BG
Autumn Festival 2014 Logo fall.png 20th October 2014 27th October 2014 Red Red Leaf Costume
Blue Overalls
Leaves Hat
Caramel Apple
Apple Mask
Leaf Lei
Fall Sweater
None None
Halloween Party 2014 Logo halloween.png 6th November 2014 Unknown Cat Ears
Bat Antennae
Evil Eyes
Cat Mask
Cat Paws
Cat Costume
Ghost Pirate Mask
Ghost Pirate Costume
Cauldron Costume
Ghost Costume
Neon Skeleton Shirt
Neon Skeleton Pants
Orange Bunny Slippers
Pumpkin Shades
Bat Fuzzy
Zeke None
Underwater Party 2014 Logo underwater.png Unknown Unknown Coming soon None Sunken Ship
Spring Celebration SpringCelebrationLogo.png Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Egyptian Party N/A Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown