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Halloween Party 2014
Logo halloween.png
Started 6th November 2014
Ended Unknown
Mascots Zeke
Currency Ghosts

The Halloween Party 2014 is a party that began on the 6th November 2014. Zeke visited during this party.

Free Items[]

  • Items in Bold were hidden, and didn't have a 'FREE' sign beside them.
  • All of the item names below, other than Cat Ears, are unconfirmed meaning they are more than likely inaccurate.
Picture Name Type Found Price
Cat Ears.png
Cat Ears Head Item Town Free
Bat Antennae.png
Bat Antennae Head Item Welcome Room Free
Evil Eyes.png
Evil Eyes Eyes Item Dance Club (Inside) Free
Cat Mask.png
Cat Mask Face Item Pet Shop (Outside) Free
Cat Paws.png
Cat Paws Hand Item The Beach Free
Cat Costume.png
Cat Costume Body Item Wizard Tower Experiment Room Free
Ghost skin.png
Ghost (skin) Skin Colour Ghost Catching 10 Ghosts
Ghost Pirate Mask.png
Ghost Pirate Mask Face Item Ghost Catching 20 Ghosts
Ghost Pirate Costume.png
Ghost Pirate Costume Body Item Ghost Catching 30 Ghosts
Cauldron Costume.png
Cauldron Costume Body Item Ghost Catching 40 Ghosts
Ghost Costume.png
Ghost Costume Body Item Ghost Catching 50 Ghosts
Neon Skeleton Shirt.png
Neon Skeleton Shirt Body Item Ghost Catching 60 Ghosts
Neon Skeleton Pants.png
Neon Skeleton Pants Pants Item Ghost Catching 70 Ghosts
Orange Bunny Slippers.png
Orange Bunny Slippers Feet Item Ghost Catching 80 Ghosts
Pumpkin Shades.png
Pumpkin Shades Face Item Ghost Catching 90 Ghosts
Bat Fuzzy.png
Bat Fuzzy Fuzzy Ghost Catching 100 Ghosts