Gifting Beta Test Party
Beta Test 2nd Logo
Started May 11th 2013
Ended May 18th 2013
Mascots Jack
Shop Keeper
The 2nd Beta Party is a party on Jack's Journey. It is a party that was not held on the real Jack's Journey, it was on the Test Server.

Free ItemsEdit

Picture Name Type Found Price
2nd Beta Hat
Beta Hat 2 Head Item Gifting Free
Beta Shirt 2 Body Item Gifting Free
2nd Beta Pants
Beta Pants 2 Pants Item Gifting Free
2nd Beta Balloon
Beta Balloon 2 Hand Item Gifting Free
2nd Beta Slippers
Beta Slippers 2 Feet Item Gifting Free


  • To get the free items, you need the other players to gift you them.
  • The gift option was tested in this beta test period.
  • It was very similar to the Beta Party.
  • The main colors of this party were Light Blue and White.
  • It was sunset during the party.
  • After May 18th, all players that participated in the Beta Test got 1000 coins and 100 tokens.



Shop Keeper AppearancesEdit

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