Flight Party
Flight Party
Started May 4th 2013
Ended May 11th 2013
Mascots Jack

The Flight Party is a party in Jack's Journey. It was proven to be true by the Shop Keeper's visit at the Jungle Party 2013. It was celebrated for the Airport grand opening.

Free ItemsEdit

Items in Bold were hidden at the room.

Picture Name Type Found Price
Orange Propeller Cap Head Item The Town Free
White Earmuffs
Cloudy Headphones Head Item Cafe Free
Grey Wings
Dark Wings Back Item The Shop Free
Pilot Shades Face Item Airport Entrance Free
Snow Leopard T Shirt
Snow Leopard T-Shirt Body Item Mountain Challenge 1 Free
Colourful Pattern T-Shirt
Colorful Pattern T-Shirt Body Item Mountain Challenge 2 Free
Ice Monster Mask Face Item Mountain Challenge 3 Free
White Fuzzy T-Shirt
White Fuzzy T-Shirt Body Item Mountain Top Free
Mountain Base BG Background Mountain Base Free
Jack's Flight Party BG Background Meeting Jack Free


  • It was planned to start in April 20th but it was delayed.
  • You can transform into a Toucan similar to the Jungle Party 2013.
  • Dragons were added in this party, there are 14 different colors of Dragons: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Cyan, Purple, Light Yellow, Light Blue, White (30 Tokens), Black, (30 Tokens), Light Cyan, Grey (30 Tokens).
  • You could choose a side: Dark or Light, If chosing Dark, rooms Background will be dark and rainy. By chosing Light the rooms background will be very sunny. This include buildings background.
  • The Cafe was light themed The shop was dark themed.
  • Two new catalogs released in the party, the Supply Tent Catalog and the Souvenirs Catalog.


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Riding the AirplaneEdit


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